A PowerShell module for automating GitHub releases

PowerShell Edition Support

  • Desktop: 5.x
  • Core: v6.0.0-alpha.14


Before you start you'll need to create a Personal Access Token with the following scopes:

  • repo
  • repo:status
  • repo_deployment
  • public_repo

Once you have your token open PowerShell follow these steps:

  • Set session information
Set-GitHubSessionInformation -Username user -APIKey xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Create a release with associated assets
$Asset @ {
    "Path" = ".\Release\
    "Content-Type" = "application/zip"

New-GitHubRelease -Repository TestRepository -Name TestRelease -Description "Test v1.0 release" -Target master -Tag v1.0 -Assets $Asset

The module can also be used with PSake. Here is an example build task:

Task CreateGitHubRelease {

    Set-GitHubSessionInformation -UserName $GitHubUsername -APIKey $GithubAPIKey -Verbose:$VerbosePreference | Out-Null

    $CurrentModuleVersion = (Import-PowerShellDataFile -Path $ModuleManifestPath).ModuleVersion

    Write-Verbose -Message "Current module version is $($CurrentModuleVersion)"

    $AssetPath = "$($OutDir)\$($ModuleName)-$($CurrentModuleVersion).zip"

    Write-Verbose -Message "Asset path is $($AssetPath)"

    $Asset = @{
        "Path" = $AssetPath
        "Content-Type" = "application/zip"

    New-GitHubRelease -Repository $GithubRepositoryName -Name $ModuleName -Target $GitHubReleaseTarget -Tag "v$($CurrentModuleVersion)" -Assets $Asset -Verbose:$VerbosePreference -Confirm:$false | Out-Null



Each function provided with this module has inbuilt help.

Get-Help New-GitHubRelease -Full

Alternatively you can view documentation on ReadTheDocs here.


Contributions are welcome! Please feel free to create pull requests and log issues.